Election Hangover

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Election 2012, Opinion, Politics
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The election is over and, needless to say, I’m severely disappointed. I’m in a confusing state of mind, like a hangover of sorts. Mostly I feel deflated, maybe because I poured myself into this election and my side fell short, or maybe because I have been building to this moment only to have it feel anticlimactic. There is also this deep feeling of betrayal, betrayal by the nation of people I had placed my faith in to elect the one person who, in my mind, could pull us back up by our bootstraps and bring America back to the greatness I have read so much about.

I’m also torn on what to hope for. I do sincerely hope and pray that the president will become the Great Uniter he said he’d be. Now that he doesn’t have to keep his base happy for a reelection my hope is that he’ll extend an olive branch to the republicans in the house so that we can get some serious budget cuts. I don’t really believe he will do this, though. If he doesn’t, I do hope that he will be held responsible for Benghazi, fast and furious, and all the other scandals the media has ignored. I pray that whatever happens will be the best thing for my family and the nation at large. Most important, though, no matter what happens, I know I will fight for what I believe to be the right thing to the day they toss me into a hastily dug ditch.

For the last year I’ve been campaigning on Facebook, trying to spread the news that isn’t widely reported to people so that they would make an informed decision on election day. Now that the election is over there is a void in my life that I have built up over the last year. Because of all the support I’ve received from my rants I’ve decided to finally start this blog I’ve been talking about. I’m sure I’ll still do my Facebook rants but I feel like that was just a gateway to this. I’m not sure how often I’ll blog but I’m going to try to put out one a week, that is if I feel I’ve got some good material. I’ll mainly stick to politics but who knows where I’ll go with it. I want to thank everyone who has encouraged and supported me to this point, it’s only because of you guys and gals that I’m doing this. You all know who you are and it’s all your fault.

  1. sillystephie says:

    Good job, Mr. True Storey. Proud of you and all you stand for. Keep up the good work, and keep the truth coming! 🙂

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