Racism on CNN

Posted: November 12, 2012 in America, racism
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I was watching the Sunday morning shows yesterday and was flipping channels during commercials and landed on CNN. A show was on called “Your Business” and the host had two guests on discussing the previous segment on a small business that makes decorative iron railing. One of the guests was a black man from some organization called Black Entrepreneurs something or other, and the other was a woman from a similarly named female business owners group. Their conversation was kind of boring but I couldn’t help wonder why they didn’t just have two business owners, why did it have to be a black man from a black only group and a woman from a woman only group?

Then next they had a promo for some discussion to be had at a later time, that was going to tackle the tough question that is on all our minds, is the race issue in America still an issue. Following that was yet another promo for Soledad O’Brien’s show “Who is Black in America”. Now, I might be the only one, but I don’t understand how anyone can ever expect to tackle racism or unite people, despite race, sex, and religion, if we have ten different groups for business owners that are all divided up by race, sex, or religion? And that’s not the only example, for every thing that is deemed worthy of an organization, there are different groups for the same thing but are focused on either what color you are or who you go to bed with.

We will never get rid of the division and self-segregation we have here if we continue to have each little group stay in separate corners. What makes it worse is that the people who complain the loudest about racism, or some similar offense, are the same one’s who join the segregated organizations. It all seems to me like they just want something to complain about, or when something doesn’t go their way they have racism to blame it on. I do not participate in hyphenated-Americanism because it is part of the problem. You are not an African-American if you were born in America, no more than I’m a European-American. If it offends you to be identified as an American, then I invite you to take your happy tail across the Atlantic and spend a couple weeks in Western Africa, see how you like it then.

I want to encourage you to leave your thoughts or feedback in the comments at the bottom.

  1. I agree with you in a sense. We will never erase the racial division amongst us if we keep segregating ourselves into these organizations and groups. Now, I don’t think I can agree with you 100% because, well, some of these groups are quite necessary and their purpose is not to divide; they are often created because someone was excluded. Just look at the historically black colleges. These colleges resulted years ago, from blacks not being accepted into white schools. Now, many people like to cry “But it’s 2012! We don’t need them anymore!”. But we do. We really do. We can be as naive as we choose to be-but the truth is minorities and women are still being excluded in large numbers. The minority sees that they’re being excluded by the majority-so they branch off and do their own thing. That’s my take on it anyway. : /

  2. Jessica says:

    You are right. We do not need these groups. Without the groups and labels we would all be just Americans. One equal group of people. But these groups will not go away, if that happens then there might be a joining of citizens that no one in our government wants. People of like minds in large numbers are scaey of the government. I personally do not think that the government wants us all to “get along”. After all these differences of beliefs is what gets people elected. If we turned into one large group without labels and put our thoughts and ideas together the government would feel threatened. I honestly believe the government keeps fanning the flames of our issues to keep us divided. Divide and Conquer.

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