I Don’t Give A Damn

Posted: November 18, 2012 in America, finance, Opinion
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Everywhere I look I see people “not giving a damn”, what in the entire history of mankind has that ever got anyone? I’ll tell you this much, I didn’t “give a damn” all throughout my teens and early twenties and the only place that ever got me was living off part time minimum wage, food stamps, and rental assistance, not to mention dropped out of college. Granted, I’m only now entering my mid-twenties, but since I changed my habits and my attitude, I’ve got a full time job at a fortune 400 company working my way up. Although that job is in a factory and I’m only now on the bottom rung, I, for the first time, have a path to success and the motivation to get there. To be honest, the path I’m on now isn’t what I necessarily want to be doing when I retire, and I don’t think I’m living up to my full potential, but because of my own mistakes I’ve closed a few other paths I wish I’d taken now. Even though I’ve made those mistakes I have set myself up to be able to take the long way around to accomplish my goals. Now that I’m off government hand outs I can afford to eventually pay my debt to the school and take another swing at it, or I may nit need school. If this blog becomes successful I may be able to peruse a career in journalism, or I could end up in politics. Who knows what my future could hold? I do know that without my decision to get myself in gear and straighten up I’d probably still be flipping burgers 20 hours a week, taking government hand outs. Mostly because I’ve been in the situation, I don’t think all “entitlements” should be disbanded. I do know that they need to be reformed, because, though they do help people through tough times, they don’t encourage those people to do better. We conservatives call them entitlements because in too many people they create a sense of entitlement. They make people feel like, “I’m entitled to this.” That’s not what they were created for. Disability is for people who are physically or mentally incapable of holding a regular job, not people who are too drunk or stoned to hold a job. Food Stamps are for people who are on fixed income and don’t have enough to feed themselves and/or their children, or for people going through a tough time, they are not for people who are just too lazy to find a full-time job, like I used to be. I’ve heard people who really need food stamps say how embarrassing it is to have to use food stamps, that there is a stigma about them. If we would stop people from being able to abuse them that stigma wouldn’t exist. A friend of mine worked in a grocery store for a few years and she said that she could tell who was going to use an EBT card because they would be buying nothing but name brands and expensive cuts of meat, and wouldn’t be dressed like a person that could afford it. She also said, this assumption wasn’t true 100% of the time, she would see some people who bought the store brand and used coupons and ad matches. Those people were either the people that looked well off or the people who seemed to be truly in need of the assistance, either by disability or social security.

Now, before o get any hate mail, I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. All I’m saying is that for certain disability cases there should be periodic re-evaluations. For food stamps there should be restrictions on purchases. I also think that recipients should be subject to periodic drug tests and that criminal background should factor in.

I know what some will say, “but Storey, you say you don’t like government restrictions!” This is true, but when it comes to the government restricting is presence and it’s spending of American’s tax dollars, I say go for it Uncle Sam, restrict the he’ll out of yourself.

Anyway if you “don’t give a damn”, think it over.

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