When Liberals Attack

Posted: December 2, 2012 in Politics
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Storey Time.

So, my wife works in a gas station and she works nights. Last night a regular customer, a trucker, was in there and was chatting up her co-worker. It just so happens that their conversation shifted to our dear ruler Barack Obama. Being that my wife has to live with me, and endure my ranting, she knows quite a bit about what’s going on. Now, I think that I should mention that her co-worker and the trucker just happened to be black people and it also just so happened that they were praising our Despot In Chief and denouncing his innumerable, nameless “HATERS”. When my wife heard this the first thing she thought was, “I should really try to stay out of this one,” because of mere professionalism. She did her best to avoid the the conversation, until, of course they asked her what she thought. My wife being the overly polite, considerate, and professional woman that she is tried to answer quickly and drop it. She told them she did vote but that she voted for Governor Romney and was immediately met with criticism. “You just think you are a Republican, you don’t really know what you are.” the trucker proclaimed, with the tone of a man who believed himself to be the only tried and true truth of the universe. “You just grew up in the bible belt with all these Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, and all of them are mostly RICH, WHITE people,” he continued to blabber, repeating himself no less than 6 times. As I said before my wife is very tender hearted and is usually very sensitive to her own and other people’s feelings, but as anyone who has tried it can tell you, calling her ignorant or racist or any other insulting term when she most definitely is not will set her “give a damn meter” to “I don’t”. She told me that she wanted to blast this know it all with all the facts about the liberals that have undoubtedly seeped into her mind in our years together. She did remember that she was at work and that this man is a regular customer and was able to keep her cool and to civilly, and politely tell the man to go to hell. “I will not stand here and argue with a democrat who made the choice to vote for Obama when I know anything said will immediately leak profusely from the other ear,” she said (well I might have embellished that part a little for the storey’s sake),”and you won’t stand here and make me look like an idiot by trying to show what you think I don’t know.”
The conversation seemed to head in a different direction after that, but I gotta say I was so proud of her for standing her ground when she was out numbered by libtards.

Before the man left she made sure there would be no hard feelings and that the man knew that she respected his opinion and that was apparently the one thing they could agree on.

If you have a storey to tell about an encounter with an Ozombie you can tell us about it in the comments or you can e-mail me at thestorey@ymail.com and if you are feigning for more truth read all my other posts and subscribe so you won’t be the one to miss out.

And remember

Facts are to liberals; as lite beers are to me


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