Socialist Propaganda In Elementary Schools

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Keeping An Eye On Government, News
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In the great state of California, the California Federation of Teachers has paid for a cartoon video to be made for their students. The bad part is what the video is about. Ed Asner, extreme left wing nut job, narrates the video as it teaches children about how the evil rich people get wealthy by stealing from the poor and avoiding taxes. The video supports raising taxes on the 1% by showing a rich man standing on his pile of money pissing on the downtrodden poor people. (Maybe if they have less money to stand on they’ll have a harder time with that.)

When asked about the cartoon and his part in it, by the producer for the Sean Hanity Show, Asner said, “I don’t remember anything about it.” He was asked about the scene with the rich man peeing on the poor, Asner responded by saying “it should have been the other way around.” He turned on his questioner asking the man, “Do you have any money?” After the man said yes, Asner asked if he could pee on him.

The seven time Emmy award winning Mary Tyler Moore Show actor is worth an estimated $1.5 million, which I’m sure he must have stolen. A self-proclaimed socialist, Asner has also been noted as an outspoken “truther”, which is odd because even though he is pro-big government, he thinks 9/11 was caused by the government.

This is yet another example of why California has become the cesspool that it is today. With hypocritical Hollywood liberals and socialist teachers unions controlling the state there seems to be no hope for the golden state. Things like this are also the reason that I will do everything in my power to keep my future children out of government controlled schools, and continue to speak out against public sector unions.

I was going to link the video but I decided I’ll take no part in spreading the socialist propaganda. Instead I looked around and found a video by “howtheworldworks” where he critiques the video and it’s disinformation while showing the actual footage.

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As always, remember…

    Truth is to liberals as;
    Rock is to scissors

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