What’s Wrong With The Republican Party

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Rant Time
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I’m angry with the GOP and I need to let off some steam, so it’s time for a rant.

I’m not mad at conservatives, I’m mad at the Republican establishment. They lost the election and now they are trying to blame it on being too conservative. That’s the biggest crock I’ve heard since Obama blamed Benghazi on YouTube.

We ran Mitt freakin’ Romney, how much more moderate can you be? If he leaned any farther left he’d fall over. It’s almost like the Republicans have decided “if ya can’t beat ’em, join ’em”. If anything we lost because he was too “moderate”.

What they seem to not comprehend is that conservatism wasn’t the problem. One of the real problems in this election was the campaign’s failure to get out the vote. Even though every minority group in America had an increase in votes from 2008, 7 million less white males went to the polls in November. That could have made the difference.

Romney’s campaign’s second problem was it’s utter failure to get their message out. With the majority of the mainstream news and Hollywood in the Obama camp, Romney really needed to be creative in putting out his message, by utilizing all the different social media hubs and with a good ground game. Though they did try Obama just completely out did them. He had Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube on lockdown. He had countless celebrities, you know those people that play pretend and get worshiped like demy gods, tweeting and pumping out videos. All I ever saw of Romney on YouTube was someone else making fun of him, and his Twitter game was terrible.

Another problem, maybe the biggest one, was that Romney-Ryan just didn’t dumb down their message for the average American. (Ignorant and lazy) You can’t expect a nation of government educated people to figure things out for themselves. Obama’s message was dumbed down to the point that even the “Obama-phone Lady” understood it. “everybody, no, minority in Clevelan’ got Obama-phone. He gave us phone, he go’ do mo’. Keep Obama in president, you know?” Yep that sums it up, couldn’t have said it better myself. If you dot think most people who voted for Obama are idiots just bing some of the “man-on-the-street” interviews where the guys ask people about the issues but either reverse Obama and Romney or don’t tell them who’s policy they are agreeing with until the end.
(As a side note: It amazes me that most people carry around, in their pockets, a device that can give them practically any information known to man, in an instant, and most use it look at pictures of cats. It’s basically like you have a complete library, containing everything man has accomplished, ever, and using it to look at porn.)

Then you have the debates where Romney and Ryan tried to stick to the message and the facts verses Obama who kept repeating his lies and Biden who just laughed like a jackass and regurgitated the rhetoric that he was spoon fed, and the people who actually watched it, ate it up, and licked their plate clean.

So taking all that in, it seems like the problem wasn’t with conservatives, the problem was the failure to educate the voters, not to mention the extreme media bias and Obama’s celebrity status that people love so much these days.


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