What Gun Show Loophole?

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Rant Time
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I’m sure you’ve all heard the liberals shouting about gun control, “we need to act”, “close the gun show loop-hole” blah blah blah. Well have you ever stopped and asked them what a “gun show loophole” is?

If you have and actually succeeded in getting an answer, you know they’ll start yammering about being able to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check. That’s a load of malarky.

If I, as a private citizen, have a firearm for sell, and you want to buy my weapon, you can come to my house and I can sell it to you without a background check. If I decide to go sell it at a gun show, same deal, no background check.

On the other hand if I am a federally licensed gun dealer, when you come to my gun shop I have to do a background check before I can sell too you. If a licensed dealer goes to a gun show they still have to do a check.

So where is the loophole? There isn’t one. When they say they want to close the “loophole” what they are saying is they want to stop private citizens from selling their property to another private citizen. Now next time you hear that blather, you can have a little fun with it.


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