Arguing With Liberals

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Rant Time
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Last month I explained what being a conservative means to me. Now I want to talk about why it is so dang impossible to have an intelligent conversation/argument with a progie.

I could sum it all up with just one sentence, but that wouldn’t be as fun and might not make for a good blog.

The reason that arguing with them is like arguing with a child is because they, too often, resort to an entirely emotional argument. That doesn’t mean I won’t do it, but it does make it an exercise in pointlessness.

Let’s just say the topic is tax reform. Conservatives and proggies both want tax reform but the manner of reform preferred is different.

I would argue that the top 1%, those earning more than $350,000, earn 17% of the total personal income but pay 35% of income taxes. Not to mention those people are the job creators.

The typical liberal argument would be to the narrative of, “that’s not fair.” The rich aren’t paying their fair share. Blah blah blah. I’ve heard it a million times.

In this case the facts are all against them so they resort to the childish argument that it isn’t fair, a purely emotional, factless claim.

Let’s take a look at the entitlement debate.

I may argue that the number of food stamp recipients increasing by 50% during Obama’s first term is ridiculous. We should drug test people on, what I call, “unearned” government benefits, not meaning social security that people have paid into their whole lives. Disability cases should not all be considered a permanent deal, they should have some rating scale and should be reevaluated periodically. People using an EBT card should have their options limited at the grocery store. They shouldn’t be buying steak and shrimp and junk food with tax payer money. If you’ve ever worked in a grocery store you know most of the people on food stamps are fatter and eating higher on the hog than others.

Any argument about food stamps automatically gets the “you don’t care about people, you want them to starve” or “some people need those food stamps to feed their children”.

I know for a fact that you will not starve on a diet of cornbread and peas with a little fatback, cause I’ve done it, and it’s a while lot cheaper than precooked, frozen food. Again they have no facts to back their argument and resort to their emotions.

I’ve argued with proggies until I was blue in the face using facts, studies, and such and I am almost always met with either altered results from a study or absolute emotional dribble. I’m hard headed though so I can rarely make myself realize I’m wasting my breath when I know I’m right, which is most of the time… unless you are talking to my wife.

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  1. camistorey says:

    Cornbread and peas are better for you anyway. A look at my family and their life longevity is a testament to that. They worked in the fields every day, prayed to GOD all through the day and at night, had morals and beliefs. Because of the influence of main stream media, I feel like one day you’ll be telling my grandchildren, “once upon a time son, people had morals, and believed in hard work and GOD.” When you do if I’m gone I will be in heaven watching over you and them. 🙂

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