Democrats Are Still Trying To Limit Our Rights

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Keeping An Eye On Government
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I’ve just about heard all I can stand to hear about gun control. In an earlier post I explained that the gun show “loophole” doesn’t exist. It’s just an attempt at twisting public opinion. They call it a loophole because that word received the desired feedback in the focus groups, while coming out and saying “we want to ban the sale of firearms by private individuals” wasn’t well received.

That’s one of the lies they like to use, but not the only one. They like to tell us that we need to do this for our own protection. They say that we can’t sit around and let another Sandy Hook happen. Well good ol’ Piers Morgan had his second little town hall gun debate/witch hunt. At the beginning of the show he outright admitted that the regulations Obama is proposing, and he supports, will not prevent mass shootings, but he went on to say that this is the perfect time to put these things in place in the shadow of Sandy Hook even if the are only symbolic.

Democrats have been arguing that we have to restrict our rights so that we can prevent future tragedies knowing full well that they were full of it.

Obama jokes that “nobody is going to come take your guns away next week” as if his opposition on this point are all just paranoid. We know they won’t come for them next week or next month even, because they can’t yet. They have to follow the steps first.

First, they’ll limit your right to bear arms little by little as much as they can. Cut down magazine size, limit caliber, make weapons they deem too dangerous illegal. That type of thing.
Second, they will make the private sale of firearms illegal. They’ll do this by making background checks that private individuals can’t preform mandatory, or they may just come out and be honest. Haha
Third, they will make registration mandatory with steep fines and jail time for possession of an unregistered weapon.
Finally they will make possession illegal and have a deadline for handing over your arms, and since you are in their database they will be at your house the following day if you don’t turn in your weapons.

It may sound crazy but all you have to do is look back in history to see that it can and has happened all over the world, and not just in third world countries. In 1938 Berlin was considered the most progressive, and cultured city in the world. I bet there were a lot of people calling the Jews crazy when they started fleeing Germany, I bet a lot of those same people ended up in camps wishing they’d listened to their neighbor when they moved to America.

They are eroding our freedom little by little, killing the constitution slowly.


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