The Democrats’ idea to avoid raising the debt ceiling by inventing a trillion dollar platinum coin has got me thinking. If they are seriously considering this as a viable option they must be hard up for good ideas, so I’ve decided to lead them a hand with a few ideas of my own on a few issues.

First the problem of government spending. Lets start by getting Congress to actually pass a budget. This may be a stretch but I was just thinking that if they were to pass a budget based on the actual amount of money they have coming in, we might not continue spending like it’s not their money. I know this idea is a little extreme since it is their job and all but it may help.

I also have some ideas to help fit all of the entitlement spending into this theoretical budget. Lets take welfare for instance. We could make it mandatory that people excepting welfare work. They should have to present their pay stub or stubs every month. If they fail to meet this requirement we give them a government job, on a road crew, or repairing government housing, or cutting grass, or picking up trash at a park, or whatever we can find them. For the people who have a child and have to get a check to support that child we will help them, because everyone makes mistakes, then we will also teach them about birth control. If they have another child and need more help raising those children, we will consider it child abuse and take those children and find parents that can take care of them. You want kids? get a job and take care of them. When it comes to food stamps, we reimburse grocery stores to put up special signs or some type of marker to signify which products can be purchased with the EBT card. We limit the recipient to the basics, no Little Debbie’s, no pricey cuts of meat, no expensive exotic fruits, and since the liberals are on their health kick why not limit them to healthy foods and no “sugary drinks”, no “sugary cereals”. I’ve went over my thoughts on disability and the like before so I’ll move on.

One of the hot topics today is gun control to try and limit mass shootings, and I’ve got the solution. First we take anyone who has sworn an oath to protect the constitution and has actively tried to limit the right to own a firearm and we try them as a traitors to the constitution. Since we already stopped rewarding single mothers for popping out an endless supply of government dependents, which is a big part of the problem, I think having less neglected youths will really help with the angry, mentally disturbed teens. Furthermore we should have a police officer in every school, and he/she needs to be armed with the standard issue sidearm, taser gun, pepper spray, and hand cuffs, because the people who commit these murders always chose a place that they know won’t have anyone who can stand up to them. They do this because they want to feel in control of these people, they decide who lives and who dies, an armed officer in the building will prevent them from fulfilling their fantasy.

I’ve also got an idea for gay marriage. Quite simply really, lets make a compromise. Let the jokers get married, just give it a different name so that marriage is still man and woman. Let them have their benefits, what harm can it cause? Some Christians would say that legalizing gay marriage would cause America to lose God’s favor, but honestly letting gays play house won’t change anything for any straight people. Whether they are married or not they will still be doing what they do, but if the Republican Party stops dictating what people can do with their lives, something we like to attribute to liberals, we may win an election.

If you have any ideas of your own you can share them with the whole world in the comment section down below, who knows you might come up with a gem like the trillion dollar coin!


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