The Gun Grabbers Are Coming, Spread The Word!

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Rant Time
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I’ve already explained how Americans have been lulled into communism today. I’ve already tried to spread the world about the coming of the gun grabbing. I’ve already exposed Barrack Obama and his handlers plans to bring America to her knees. The problem is, I’m only one man, I’ve only got one voice. This blog you’re reading only receives a very limited number of readers. If you read this blog or others of the same ilk and close your browser and go back to your life, keeping your head down and your mouth shut, then this is all for nothing. We need to stand up and speak out and make sure that big brother knows we will not sit down and take our medicine. A great American once said, “There is only one way to guarantee peace, and you can have it in the next second. That is to surrender,” that man was Ronald Reagan and he was right.

I average about forty views per post over a weeks time, if those forty people each spread the word to forty more people then we can make a difference. I say all of this because I’m tired of hearing people discredited for speaking out about the possibility of disarmament of the people. I’m tired of hearing people say it won’t happen. I’m tired of hearing people call supporters of the second amendment crazy. I’m tired of hearing the lies and propaganda from Washington. Do you really believe that they won’t take our guns?

In 2005 in New Orleans, after Katrina, members of the National Guard were sent in and ordered to go through at night and kick in doors and confiscate weapons from everyone. They did this in the flooded areas, but they also did it in the areas that were high and dry. Everywhere from the poorest neighborhoods to the richest. They did not knock, they did not ask nicely, they did not warn. They came around and kicked doors down, as they were asking if anyone needed assistance, then they ordered the residents to surrender their firearms. If they did not comply they were to be killed on the spot, no trial, no due process, no Miranda rights. I’m not making this up, this is straight from the mouth of a member of the 45th Infantry division from the OK National Guard. He said that he was so young at the time and that he was so dedicated to the military that he would have done anything that he was ordered to do. How many of our men and women would do the same? I’m guessing quite a few.


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