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Charlton Heston, who died in 2008, was a great American, which also made him one of the last of a dying breed. Monday Jim Carrey, the great Canadian, released a video on Funny or Die mocking Mr. Heston and gun owners in general. It was Heston who made the famous NRA speech where he proclaimed that controllers would have to pry his firearms “from my cold, dead hands”, which is also Carrey’s punch line in his song.

In his video Carrey does a spoof of “Hee Haw” where he impersonates Mr. Heston and also plays the lead singer in a mock country western band. Carrey sings, “Charlton Heston movies are no longer in demand, and his immortal soul may lay forever in the sand. The angels wouldn’t take him up to heaven like he planned, because they couldn’t pry the gun from his cold dead hand.” Carrey basically says that Heston went to hell when he died because he was the president of the NRA. He accuses Charlton of being a murder, responsible for the deaths of all the children at Sandy Hook.

Charlton Heston has taken a lot of flack, to say the least, from the left over the years, which is something to be expected in today’s America. But for Jim Carrey to celebrate and dance on the grave of anyone, let alone a man like Heston is completely over the line. For those of you who don’t know, let me give you a short bio on Charlton Heston.

In 60 years he appeared in over 100 films, most notably “The Ten Commandments” (1956), “Ben-Hur” (1959), and “Planet of the Apes” (1968). He was known as a spokes man for Christian morales and values and was known to reject scripts that did not emphasize responsibility, individualism and masculinity. Moving beyond Hollywood, he became nationally visible in 1963 in support of the Civil Rights bill, and in 1968 used his “cowboy” persona to publicize gun control measures. Charlton Heston was a man who marched with Martin Luther King and went to the south for sit-ins and protests. He was a strong, outspoken defender of all civil rights, unlike a lot of people today. He stood up for equal rights, the second amendment, and the first amendment. He was a civil rights activist before it was popular to be such.

Now, what has this man done in his life to deserve such hate and vitriol from the likes of Jim Carrey? I’ll tell you what this is about: Jim Carrey wants more attention. He is a washed up actor who was never even good at acting in the first place. He is famous for making an ass out of himself and making a few funny faces. There was a time when I thought the world of Jim Carrey, I wanted to be just like him. The thing is, I was 9 years old watching “Pet Detective” and “Dumb and Dumber” thinking that I was witnessing a genius at work. What I was actually seeing was a grown man act like a 9 year old. Sure he has done some serious roles in his career but who really thinks “Truman Show” was a good movie?

Not I.


Mao Quote

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) “Kids’ Zone” website used a quote from mass murderer Chairman Mao Zedong yesterday as their “quote of the day”. After Buzzfeed reported on the quote and a hailstorm from Twitter, the quote was quickly removed and replaced with an Abraham Lincoln quote, before the section was completely removed from the page all together. NCES Press Secretary Daren Briscoe issued this statement after the incident

“The Kids’ Zone website, hosted by the National Center of Education Statistics, earlier today featured a poorly chosen quote, intended to highlight the importance of teaching and learning, in the ‘Quote of the Day’ feature. This feature, which automatically generates one education-related quote per day from a database of quotes last updated in 2007, has been temporarily suspended pending a review of the database’s contents.”

This is just another example of our education system “accidentally” pushing communism on America’s children. How the people who are in charge of educating our youth could possibly quote a man on the same plateau as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, only to chalk it up to “a poor choice” is beyond me. If we find out about this many incidents, how many more go unnoticed? Do you know what your children are being taught in school?

Last week Michael Moore went on a tirade, “predicting” that the photos of the victims of Sandy Hook will be released, but the NRA will do everything in their power to prevent them from surfacing. He says that he wants these gruesome pictures of 7 and 8 year old children to be released. I can see him now, sitting there with his tiny hat and titanic jowls wobbling, with a menacing sort of glee as he says, “that’s the day the jig will be up for the NRA. It will be the day the debate on gun control will come to an end. There will be nothing left to argue over. It will just be over. And every sane American will demand action.”

What I find even worse is the way in which this walking slop bucket decided to begin this “call to action”. He starts his blog post with the story of Emmit Till, a black boy from Chicago who was murdered by white supremacists for flirting with a white woman in 1955. His mother let photos of his body be taken and published across the nation. Moore uses this story to compare the NRA to the white supremacists. He fails to mention that the NRA actually helped to arm the blacks in the south against the violent racists.

Moore goes on to say that by not banning weapons after Columbine we are all responsible for every mass murder since. He compares it to Eisenhower forcing Germans to march through the concentration camps that they lived beside to see the atrocities they had turned a blind eye to. He again fails to mention one detail, the holocaust would have never happened had “gun control” not been implemented beforehand.

The same man who is followed by a team of armed security guards at all times is also the same man who claims that we are living in a violent society and that “gun control” is the remedy. Moore says America is “a society that starts illegal wars, that executes criminals (or supposed criminals), that strikes or beats one of its women every 15 seconds, and shoots 30 of its own citizens every single day”. If the United States is shooting that many citizens a day you’d think we may have heard about it, but maybe he has the inside scoop. What he again fails to realize is that “gun violence” is not the cause of this “violent society”, it is only a symptom. Taking guns away (his remedy) from all law abiding citizens will do nothing to curb the violence, it will only make it easier for the ones who break the law. Gun control is a bit like NyQuil, it attempts to quell the symptoms of a cold but does nothing to fight the actual virus. He mocks those of us who want to protect the Second Amendment by saying:

“Most of us continue to say we “support the Second Amendment” as if it were written by God (or we’re just afraid of being seen as anti-American). But this amendment was written by the same white men who thought a Negro was only 3/5 human. We’ve done nothing to revise or repeal this – and that makes us responsible, and that is why we must look at the pictures of the 20 dead children laying with what’s left of their bodies on the classroom floor in Newtown, Connecticut.”

If it is so easy to toss aside one amendment what makes any other special? If we start surrendering our rights how can we get them back? I’ve never liked Michael Moore but after this crap I’ve now added him to my list of people I’d most like to punch in the face. I just can’t decide if he belongs in the second spot behind 0bama or in third behind Tom Brady. I’ll have to think about that one a while.


Well, we are, as of Friday, officially “popeless”, and to make it worse I just heard that the Cardinals won’t be getting Pujols back any time soon. I know what you are thinking, “it’s a sad day for Catholics the world over.” But fortunately we have the sequestration, and subsequently the end of the world as we know it, to keep our minds off of it. But before R.E.M. starts playing, let me set your mind at ease.

0bama, as usual, has been traveling around the nation telling scary stories that would put even the most gruesome campfire tales to shame. Then again, what do you expect from a community organizer? All he knows how to do is campaign. His answer for any problem is tax it, regulate it, subsidize it, campaign about it, rinse and repeat. Fiscal Cliff? Campaign for higher taxes. Gun violence? Campaign for strict regulations. Expensive healthcare? Campaign to subsidize it. Erectile Dysfunction? Campaign to subsidize free Viagra and tax the evil rich to pay for it.

The funny thing about the sequester cuts is that 0bama came up with them in 2011, but now he acts like the Republicans invented them to destroy the earth. Actually the Republicans are getting blamed for something that was dreamed up by a Democrat president, supported by Democrat representatives, and passed by a Democrat majority in the Senate. The Republicans in Congress even offered to give 0bama the power to change and rearrange them at his leisure and he turned it down. He has done what he is best at; creating an enemy and campaigning against that enemy. It’s a tactic referred to as a straw man. 0bama does this as well as anyone could and, with the help of the media to keep the illusion of an actual enemy, how could he be stopped? The problem is now the media is starting to notice the puppet strings and the puppet master is not happy about it.

Bob Woodward, the liberal media grandfather, has made the mistake of calling 0bama out on the sequester fallacy. He rightly pointed out that the “sequester cuts” aren’t really cuts at all. In reality, far away from liberal land, these cuts are only reductions in a planned spending increase.

Example: if I had a monthly budget for entertainment and I spent $50 a month, but I decided at the start of next year I would begin spending $100 a month, that is a spending increase of $50. If I then changed my mind and decided to spend only $75 a month I really didn’t make a cut. A cut would have been for me to cut the original $50 to $25.

Simple right? Thats what Bob thought too, but as soon as he called the president out, the rest of the media circled the wagons around 0bama and started discrediting him, calling him a Republican lapdog and the like. What was most surprising to Bob was an email he received from an unnamed senior White House official warning him that he would regret his heresy to the totalitarian in office. Woodward wouldn’t say who he received the email from, only that it was a senior White House official.

Now that we are beyond the deadline and nothing has happened, my question is what will 0bama do? His whole scheme was to wait until the deadline and do his best to scare everyone into believing that the sky would fall so that Republicans would cave and give him more tax increases, the same tactic he used with the fiscal cliff. It worked for him then but evidently the Republicans’ New Year’s resolution was to grow a spine. If so they’ve held on to their resolution longer than I did mine.

So basically all you need to know about this sequester nonsense is “don’t believe the hype” from the 0bama camp, and we can wait a little while longer on that R.E.M. song.


Disclaimer: If you are offended by the mention of racial slurs you may not want to read this. The use of such slurs are used only in actual quotes from Democrats and are in no way the actual thoughts or feelings of the TrueStorey blog or its contributors.

Last time in Part II I covered the role Roosevelt and Truman played in Civil Rights. I’m going to move on to Eisenhower (1953-1961), the first Republican president after twenty years of Democrat control. Where we finally start to see some movement in the right direction.

While President Truman had begun the process of desegregating the Armed Forces in 1948, actual implementation had been slow. Eisenhower made clear his stance in his first State of the Union message in February 1953, saying “I propose to use whatever authority exists in the office of the President to end segregation in the District of Columbia, including the Federal Government, and any segregation in the Armed Forces.” When Robert B. Anderson, Eisenhower’s first Secretary of the Navy, argued that the Navy must recognize the “customs and usages prevailing in certain geographic areas of our country which the Navy had no part in creating”, Eisenhower overruled him: “We have not taken and we shall not take a single backward step. There must be no second class citizens in this country.”

After the 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education Eisenhower told District of Columbia officials to make Washington a model for the rest of the country in integrating black and white public school children. In 1956, Eisenhower was faced with “Massive Resistance”, a policy declared by U.S. Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr. (D-VA) to unite other white politicians and leaders in Virginia in a campaign of new state laws and policies to prevent public school desegregation, as well as violence in other states.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, Gov. Orval Faubus (D) refused to integrate public schools. Eisenhower was forced to send federal troops to protect nine children while integrating a public school, the first time since Reconstruction that federal troops were sent to the South. Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote to Eisenhower to thank him for his actions, writing “The overwhelming majority of southerners, Negro and white, stand firmly behind your resolute action to restore law and order in Little Rock”. There had been continued physical assaults against suspected activists and bombings of schools and churches in the South by Democrats. The administration of Eisenhower proposed legislation to protect the right to vote by African Americans.

The Civil Rights Act of 1957, effectively a voting rights bill, was the first Civil Rights legislation enacted in the United States since Reconstruction. The bill passed the House with a vote of 285 to 126 (Republicans 167-19 for, Democrats 118-107 for) and the Senate 72 to 18 (Republicans 43-0 for, Democrats 29-18 for). President Eisenhower signed it on September 9, 1957. By the time the Bill was passed it was watered down significantly from what Eisenhower’s Attorney-General, Herbert Brownwell, originally intended when producing the bill. Lyndon Baines Johnson was the Senate Majority leader at the time and did his best to slow the progress of civil rights. Johnson sent the bill to a Senate judiciary committee which would examine it for flaws, controversial and unconstitutional points etc. This committee was led by Senator James Eastland (D-MS). Committee heads have the ability to greatly alter and change bills, which is exactly what Eastland did. The result was a watered down bill that didn’t do much to help matters, but did open the door for the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act down the road. The loopholes left in the 1957 bill led Eisenhower to sign the 1960 Civil Rights Act, which tried to close up some of the loose ends.

Following Eisenhower, there was another decade (1960s) of Democrat rule, and the subsequent filibustering that slowed, but could not stop, the civil rights movement.

When it comes to President Kennedy (D) it is widely an excepted truth that he was a major player in the advancement of the civil rights cause. It has been said that from the 70’s on that most black houses had a wall that held pictures of three men, Lincoln, MLK, & Kennedy. He is given so much credit even though when you look at history you see that Kennedy never accomplished anything worth noting on the issue. Granted, he didn’t have much of an opportunity since he didn’t even serve a full term. His predecessor did have a chance though.

Fast forward to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This bill was a huge victory for minorities and the Republicans who fought for civil rights. It ended all major forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, national and religious minorities, and women. It put an end to unequal voter registration requirements and segregation in schools, workplaces, and public services such as restaurants. Passage of this bill wasn’t so easy though.

The bill was brought to a vote in the House on February 10, 1964, and passed by a vote of 290 to 130,(with support from 80% of Republicans and a whopping 40% disapproval from Dems) and sent to the Senate. Since it was passed in the House first it went directly to the Senate calendar, bypassing the normal committee review. This rule is rarely used, but supporters of the bill wanted to avoid the probable delay of the bill in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This left the bill’s opposers with only the filibuster to try and stop a vote. Senator Richard Russell (D-GA) launched a filibuster to prevent its passage. Russell was quoted saying, “We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our states.”

For the next three months Democrats filibustered. The only way to end the filibuster was with cloture which requires 2/3s of the senate to vote in favor of bringing the bill to a vote. The minority leader, Everett Dirksen, R-IL, played a pivotal role for the civil rights bill. On June 10, 1964, his substantial efforts in support of the bill culminated in an impassioned appeal to the Senate to support cloture and hold the vote. On this extraordinary occasion, the Senate voted for cloture, 71-29 — 44 Democrats and 27 Republicans voted in favor. Opposed were 23 Democrats and 6 Republicans. In the eventual vote the Senate passed the bill with only 31% of Dems and 16% of Republicans voting no.

When Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, took the throne, he realized that the fight for segregation was a losing one and decided to flip the switch. LBJ was quoted as saying, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for 200 years.”

Going back to the 50’s for a moment, let me give a little back story on LBJ. As I said earlier, he was the Democrat Senate Majority Leader when Eisenhower sponsored the civil rights act from 1957, and the 1960 voting rights act. It was Johnson who lead the fight against these bills and was a big part of why they were so watered down. Back to the 60’s, when Johnson took over, after JFK’s assassination, he had a chance to jump on the upcoming Civil Rights act of 1964 and claim it as his own. So he took advantage, in his own words, “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.”

Johnson did sign the bill but it is evident to anyone who looks close enough that he did not do it for any reason other than political gain. As with his appointment of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court. He explained his decision to a staff member by saying, “Son, when I appoint a nigger to the court, I want everyone to know he’s a nigger.”

By this time the civil rights movement was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the Democrat party was finally realizing they could no longer leave their racism on their sleeves. They began slowly rewriting history and devising new ways to keep the black people in poverty and voting Democrat. They went from publicly displaying a belief that blacks and whites should be separate and that blacks shouldn’t vote, to backing legislation to keep blacks on the government teat and in the slums, and to make sure if blacks did get to vote, they would always vote Democrat.

Even though the racism of The Democrat Party is no longer in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. They just have the media to help them keep it quiet now, not to mention the NAACP.

For example, Senator Robert Byrd, (D-WV) is a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and, until his death in 2010, was the only national elected official with a history in the Klan at the time. Byrd was extremely active in the Klan and rose to the rank of “Kleagle,” an official Klan membership recruiter. Byrd once stated that he joined the Klan because it was effective in “promoting traditional American values”

In March of 2001 Byrd had an outburst of racist bigoted slurs, more specifically the “n-word,” on national television. Amazingly, this incident of blatant racism on national television drew barely a peep from the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, Mary Frances Berry, or any of the other clowns who purport themselves to be the leaders of the civil rights movement. In contrast, the main source of well deserved criticism for Byrd’s racist outburst came not from any of the so called leaders of the civil rights movement but from Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey. The race hustlers turned a blind eye towards this act of racism by one of their own party. But where they turn a blind eye and spew their lies, it is up to conservatives to set the record straight with the truth.