Sequestration Is Only 0bama’s Latest Straw Man

Posted: March 5, 2013 in finance, Keeping An Eye On Government
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Well, we are, as of Friday, officially “popeless”, and to make it worse I just heard that the Cardinals won’t be getting Pujols back any time soon. I know what you are thinking, “it’s a sad day for Catholics the world over.” But fortunately we have the sequestration, and subsequently the end of the world as we know it, to keep our minds off of it. But before R.E.M. starts playing, let me set your mind at ease.

0bama, as usual, has been traveling around the nation telling scary stories that would put even the most gruesome campfire tales to shame. Then again, what do you expect from a community organizer? All he knows how to do is campaign. His answer for any problem is tax it, regulate it, subsidize it, campaign about it, rinse and repeat. Fiscal Cliff? Campaign for higher taxes. Gun violence? Campaign for strict regulations. Expensive healthcare? Campaign to subsidize it. Erectile Dysfunction? Campaign to subsidize free Viagra and tax the evil rich to pay for it.

The funny thing about the sequester cuts is that 0bama came up with them in 2011, but now he acts like the Republicans invented them to destroy the earth. Actually the Republicans are getting blamed for something that was dreamed up by a Democrat president, supported by Democrat representatives, and passed by a Democrat majority in the Senate. The Republicans in Congress even offered to give 0bama the power to change and rearrange them at his leisure and he turned it down. He has done what he is best at; creating an enemy and campaigning against that enemy. It’s a tactic referred to as a straw man. 0bama does this as well as anyone could and, with the help of the media to keep the illusion of an actual enemy, how could he be stopped? The problem is now the media is starting to notice the puppet strings and the puppet master is not happy about it.

Bob Woodward, the liberal media grandfather, has made the mistake of calling 0bama out on the sequester fallacy. He rightly pointed out that the “sequester cuts” aren’t really cuts at all. In reality, far away from liberal land, these cuts are only reductions in a planned spending increase.

Example: if I had a monthly budget for entertainment and I spent $50 a month, but I decided at the start of next year I would begin spending $100 a month, that is a spending increase of $50. If I then changed my mind and decided to spend only $75 a month I really didn’t make a cut. A cut would have been for me to cut the original $50 to $25.

Simple right? Thats what Bob thought too, but as soon as he called the president out, the rest of the media circled the wagons around 0bama and started discrediting him, calling him a Republican lapdog and the like. What was most surprising to Bob was an email he received from an unnamed senior White House official warning him that he would regret his heresy to the totalitarian in office. Woodward wouldn’t say who he received the email from, only that it was a senior White House official.

Now that we are beyond the deadline and nothing has happened, my question is what will 0bama do? His whole scheme was to wait until the deadline and do his best to scare everyone into believing that the sky would fall so that Republicans would cave and give him more tax increases, the same tactic he used with the fiscal cliff. It worked for him then but evidently the Republicans’ New Year’s resolution was to grow a spine. If so they’ve held on to their resolution longer than I did mine.

So basically all you need to know about this sequester nonsense is “don’t believe the hype” from the 0bama camp, and we can wait a little while longer on that R.E.M. song.

  1. sillystephie says:

    That’s a nice joke at the top there, Mr. TrueStorey. 🙂

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