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I want to talk about something today that people try to ignore. Abortion. Everyone has their own thoughts on the subject but I think most supporters of abortion don’t really know the gritty details of this institution funded in part by the federal government. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that I was of the mindset that I would never abort a child but that people should have the choice. I felt that way before I knew the facts, quite frankly because I didn’t want to know.

There is a man on trial in Pennsylvania for charges including; seven counts of first-degree murder (seven babies), one count of third-degree murder of a mother, as well as infanticide, conspiracy, abortion at 24 or more weeks, abuse of a corpse, theft, corruption of minors, solicitation and other related offenses.

His name is Gosnell and of course he is innocent until proven guilty so I’m not going to sit here and flay him while the verdict is still out but I can give you some of the testimony.

One medical assistant of four and a half years, Ms. Cross, testified that she once saw the accused put a botched abortion survivor in a toilet to drown. Ms. Cross said that the baby “was like swimming,” and was, “basically, trying to get out.”

Adrienne Moton, an employee at the clinic, then took the baby and snipped the back of its neck while the mother was still in the room.

One of the arguments I’ve heard in favor of abortion has been the debate about when it becomes a life. I think if it is fighting for its life it is alive and to cut its spinal cord is murder and not anyone’s right to choose.

Cross also testified that she witnessed Steven Massof, an unlicensed medical school graduate who worked at the clinic, snip babies necks (spinal cords) 25 to 30 times.

She also took pictures of the clinic out of concern. Some of them depicted over fifty jars filled with baby’s feet stored at the clinic, which Gosnell said he was keeping for “DNA purposes.” Others showed bloody equipment and the “doctor’s” cat roaming freely around the clinic, even in procedure rooms.

In the city that birthed a nation founded on the basic human right to life, Gosnell routinely denied life to these infants who survived botched abortions in his unsanitary clinic, prosecutors said.

It is impossible to know how many abortion survivors are out there or how many live birth abortions are committed but there are plenty of stories from these survivors. How would you feel to know that something you survived, such as an abortion, was so heartily defended as a choice.

What can we say to these people to sympathize with them and rationalize abortion at the same time? “We’re sorry that you’re missing a limb as a result of that failed abortion, but that abortion attempt was in your mother’s best interest as well as yours and society’s and the world’s”? Or, “Your injuries are awful; better technology and skill should have been available to abort you correctly so that you would not have lived to either ‘enslave’ your mother or suffer yourself”? D.N. Rivera

These survivors are dehumanized by the defense of abortion and the way I see it, abortion is the last and the most important battle of the civil rights fight. A person who defends abortion is no better than a person who supported the holocaust.

If you still support abortion I challenge you to Bing “abortion images” and see what you think of your so called choice to steal away the life of another human being.

It damn near makes me want to cry to think how carelessly people wipe their feet on our constitution and the bill of rights in this day and age. Our rights are under attack and to many people are all to willing to watch. I forget who said it but the American people will only have the level of tyranny that they allow. When you see the fifth amendment trampled in Boston as police invade and illegally search people’s homes; when you see the President spit on the second amendment by banning the import of firearms and ammunition without approval from congress; when you see the first amendment infringed upon with CISPA trying to erase Internet privacy and giving government the ability to censor the Internet what you see is the slow death of an idea that came to life 250 years ago and it really isn’t very slow because all of this happened just in the last week. Don’t sit quiet. Don’t take it. Don’t allow the American dream to die with little more than a whimper.



With a new major tragedy comes new conspiracy theories. The Boston Marathon Bombing is no exception to the rule. The difference with this incident is that the whirlwind of conspiracy is turning into a F-5 tornado. I’ve never seen such widespread interest in the unofficial explanations of a terror attack before. In fact, notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ website has had a reported 5x increase in visits, jumping from 1 to 5million a day since the 15th.

For some people, when they hear “conspiracy theory” their brain automatically calls up an image of some paranoid, backwoods weirdo. Which is what the government wants you to think of. If you automatically disregard anything you hear that is labeled a conspiracy theory you won’t ever question the motives of your government and you will be a good little sheep. I know what you are thinking, “True Storey you are sounding like a paranoid, backwoods weirdo now.” Good sheep.

Do you know where the term “conspiracy theory” came from? None other than the king of conspiracies, paranoia, and cover-ups himself J Edgar Hoover coined the term when he claimed that (get this) organized crime did not exist. That’s right, the first ever conspiracy theory was that the mafia was real, turns out J. Edgar was full of it. Some of you might be asking yourselves, “Why would the FBI create a term that discredits people?” See, now you’re starting to wake up. Because they didn’t want anyone to believe that there was a mafia, and the best way to accomplish that was by discrediting anyone who said otherwise without actually having to use facts to prove them wrong.

There are actually different kinds of conspiracies and one is called a false flag. This is where a government stages an event and blames it on someone else usually for political purposes.

Example: Let’s say that you are the United States government and you want to eliminate the second amendment and ban guns. To do that you would have to have the publics support and the best way to rally support is by tugging those heart strings. So, you set up this top secret operation with the ATF to sell military style firearms to Mexican drug cartels (aka organized crime) across the border. When those weapons are then used to murder innocent people you plaster all over the news that, because of the second amendment, guns are going to Mexico and being used to kill innocent women and children. You release pictures of dead children and publicize them and personalize them and get those heart strings going, then introduce stricter gun control legislation, hoping you’ll have garnered enough support to get what you want. The down side is that you may get caught, in which case you lie. You say it was all a botched sting operation and you were supposed to be able to track the firearms straight to the cartels secret hide out, but you forgot to put the tracking devices in the guns. Then, when there’s an investigation, you give an executive order to keep all the documents closed. Sound familiar?

For a little more about false flags and the history of them click —-»here.

The Boston attack is being looked at as a false flag operation. The consensus seems to be that there was a “drill” going on as the cover so that if caught they would have an excuse. There are pictures that show three different groups of patsies. One picture appears to be rednecks, whom they could use to blame the bombings on right wingers. Another is a group of middle easterners and then the two that ended up getting the blame. They hire these people to participate in their drill and then give them real bombs and set them up.

Last week they said that they had caught the suspect, and I believe they were going to blame the tea party patsy, until they saw all the outcry about this being a false flag. So, they canceled the press conference and switched the story to the two Russians, who were allegedly trained by the same terrorist organization that the State Department funds, the one they gave over a billion dollars to in the last two and a half years.

Then they catch the first guy who they just happened to run over in a SUV and shoot full of lead. Later they find the second suspect hiding in a boat. He is still alive but, surprisingly, he has a tracheotomy and can’t talk. They admit that they are heavily drugging him up and are talking about torturing him, you know, so he will tell the “truth”. If I remember correctly this guy is an American citizen and that means he has constitutional rights. They hope to drum up enough hate towards this teenage kid that the public will be all for torturing an American Citizen. If we let them do this, what will stop them from torturing anyone deemed a terrorist or enemy of the state?

That’s why they did this. They use fear and terror to convince you that, in order to “protect” us they have to infringe on our rights. They want to put security checkpoints and TSA agents at every sporting event, every festival, eeverywhere. You will have to let a stranger molest you every time you go to a baseball game or a concert or a rally.

So, ignore all of this if you dare. Will you let tyranny come to America with your head in the sand or will you be one who stands and resists?

“Those who sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither.” -Thomas Jefferson

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” -James Madison

The latest Brad Pitt Hollywood blockbuster, World War Z, has some critics in China. Apparently a scene in the film features several characters discussing the origin of the zombie outbreak and decide that it all started in China. An executive from Paramount released a statement saying, “In the offending scene, characters debate the geographic origin of an outbreak that caused the zombie apocalypse and point to China.” Paramount demanded that the scene be edited and redone using another country in China’s place.

This isn’t the first time, and won’t be the last, that the Communist Party has influenced major “American” movies. MGM was forced to delay the re-make of Red Dawn for two years, after the Chinese state media complained that depicting the invading villains as Chinese “would demonize their state and its citizens.” The entire movie was changed to use North Korea as the villains. The filmmakers were forced to set about, “digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols from ‘Red Dawn,’substituting dialogue and altering the film to depict much of the invading force as being from North Korea, an isolated country where American media companies have no dollars at stake,” reported the L.A. Times.

Large chunks of several movies released last year were also cut by censors, including 40 minutes from Cloud Atlas and 12 minutes from Men in Black 3. All scenes taking place in Chinatown were removed. The newest James Bond movie, Skyfall, was also edited, leaving a scene that depicts a Chinese security guard being assassinated on the cutting room floor. The 1984 movie The Karate Kid was also censored at the behest of Communist Party officials, who expressed displeasure at one of the villains being Chinese, leading to 12 minutes of the film being cut.

Last year, Chinese company Wanda purchased AMC, the second-largest theater chain in the USA, increasing fears that the Chinese Communist Party was expanding its influence globally as part of a media takeover.

“Beijing is investing heavily in projecting its “soft power,” or cultural influence, by boosting Chinese state media’s presence abroad, including the USA, where the Chinese government has also run advertisements in New York’s Times Square,” reported USA Today.

The Chinese Communist Party’s censors editing and cutting up American movies for their own propaganda purposes is one thing, but the fact that movie producers are self censoring before the film is released is a sign of how far the Marxist element has reached into our own culture.

I personally am a huge movie buff. I love movies, but it seems like more and more Hollywood is becoming so isolated from actual Americans that it is getting hard to find anything I feel comfortable supporting with my entertainment dollars. With Hollywood putting subtle propaganda in virtually every movie they produce, not to mention the obvious anti-American movies, it is a wonder we have any patriots left.