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A New Beginning

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I have been recruited by the Facebook famous Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children group to write for their brand new web site. I want to thank first of all my beautiful wife for sending them a link to my blog, behind my back, when they put out a call for new talent. She believed in me when I didn’t and because of her I’ll be writing for a web site that had a half million fans on Facebook before they launched the site. It could possibly lead to me being paid to do what I really enjoy doing.

I also want to thank all 23 of my subscribers that I currently have and especially the ones who have followed me since I started this blog and even before then when I was just ranting and raving on Facebook. If it weren’t for you guys I probably would have quit before I even got started.

For now I won’t be writing any more articles on this page but I will, at least for the time being, continue my Quote of the Day. Although I pitched the idea for moving that to the new site also, so we will see what comes of that.

This is not the end of True Storey this is only the second chapter in what I hope will be a really long book.

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I hope to see you there

PS – If you know my true identity you are welcome to post comments but please do not mention any relation or my real name. We have been having problems with trolls looking up and attacking the Facebook pages of the contributors and trying to get them kicked off Facebook. The creator of Misguided Children has to create a new fake profile every week or two because of this and I don’t want to have to do that.


There are so many stories and scandals involving corruption, cover-ups, and espionage in the news that it is easy to get bogged down and become distracted. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are both under a lot of scrutiny right now. Couple that with the failure of their most recent gun control legislation and one may be lead to believe that their attack on our second amendment might be placed on the back burner for the time being, but not so fast.

While talking to NPR’s Carrie Johnson, the top dog in the Justice Department made it clear that the losing endeavor of expanded background checks won’t be the White House’s last attempt to infringe upon that which shall not be infringed upon.

Holder said that they will not only try again to push “gun control” through congress later this year, but they will also be using their “regulatory power to make smaller changes in the meantime.”

This confirms that the administration will not relent on this issue as long as they are still at the helm. He also claimed that the goal is “moving the needle in the way in which the American people want, which is to make guns less accessible to people that should not have them.”

That sounds like a goal that any American might support. The problem, however, is that vague part at the end about the people who shouldn’t have them. He says this is what the American people want, but it won’t be the people deciding who doesn’t deserve access to the second amendment – it will be the tyrants.

I have covered the fact that Tea Partiers and conservatives have been labeled terror threats, and we already know about the government showing special attention to conservative groups through the IRS. Based on what we already know about all of this, how far of a reach would it be to think they might label any opposition as the “people that should not have them?”

Just a few weeks ago Eric Holder made it clear that gun control is still a keystone, and that resistance from the states will not be tolerated by sending a letter, dated April 26, to Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. The letter was in response to a bill signed into law by Gov. Brownback that declared:

It is unlawful for any official, agent or employee of the government of the United States, or employee of a corporation providing services to the government of the United States to enforce or attempt to enforce any act, law, treaty, order, rule or regulation of the government of the United States regarding a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately and owned in the state of Kansas and that remains within the borders of Kansas. Violation of this section is a severity level 10 nonperson felony.

Attorney General Holder did not take kindly to this new law. He wrote Gov. Brownback saying:

In purporting to override federal law and to criminalize the official acts of federal officers, SB102 directly conflicts with federal law and is therefore unconstitutional.

Other than finding this whole thing to be just a tad bit ironic, I wonder if AG Holder would have made the same argument after the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act was disputed by several northern states who criminalized federal agents attempting to kidnap people in their state. I would love to see him dispute states rights in that case.

Though we do need to keep pressing on Benghazi, the IRS, and the AP scandals, this should serve as a reminder to not let these weasels slip around the back door with some gun control legislation or executive order. It also reminds us that the current administration will not stop their assault on our constitution until they are brought to justice for their crimes against the trust of the American people and removed from office.


This is the .380 Liberator, created by Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, with a 3-D printer. Of the weapon’s 16 parts, 15 are printed from ABS plastic, with the only metal part being a common nail that does duty as a firing pin.

Mr. Wilson is a 25 year old law student who created Defense Distributed as a not for profit organization that develops and publishes open source gun designs, aka Wiki Weapons. Other than the newly created DD Liberator, also distributes files for printable parts that can be used in conventional fire arms like an AR-15 lower receiver, 30 round magazines for the AR-15 and AK-47 rifles (which they created after the talk of banning high capacity magazines), a Springfield XD-40 tactical slide assembly, a 5.56/.223 muzzle brake, and a 12 gauge .22 CB sub-caliber insert among many others.

Actually I should say they had all these files available, that is until yesterday.

Cody Wilson did an interview with Info Wars yesterday where he broke the news that he received a letter from the US Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Enforcement Division (DTCC/END) that informed him that he may possibly be in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and also “requested” that Defense Distributed take down any of the files that they listed, including the Liberator.

The letter, issued by the US Department of State, says:

“DTCC/END is conducting a review of technical data made publicly available by Defense Distributed through its 3D printing website,, the majority of which appear to be related to items in Category I of the USML. Defense Distributed may have released ITAR-controlled technical data without required prior authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), a violation of the ITAR.”

(USML stands for United States Munitions List, and ITAR stands for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.)

Interestingly enough Wilson was already scheduled to do several interviews on May 9th because of the success of his creation with over 100,000 downloads since the first test on May 5th. All this attention is undoubtedly what garnered the letter from big brother.

Forbes covered the story on May 5th;

He prefers to think of his Liberator in the same terms as its namesake, the one built for distribution to resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied countries in the 1940s. That plan was conceived in part as a psychological operation aimed at lowering the occupying forces’ morale, Wilson says, and he believes his project will strike a similar symbolic blow against governments around the world. “The enemy took notice that weapons were being dropped from the sky,” he says. “Our execution will be better. We have the Internet.”

Despite the fact that Donna Sellers from the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Bureau told the BBC that “the 3D-printed gun, as long as it was not a National Firearms Act weapon (an automatic gun, for example), was legal in the US.” Sellers stated, “A person can manufacture a firearm for their own use. However, if they engage in the business of manufacture to sell a gun, they need a license.” But the State Department may have found a way around the legality of the DD Liberator with this export law garbage. Defense Distributed has removed the files from their site as of yesterday because they are wanting to comply with the Pentagon as much as possible in hopes of changing their minds when they go to Washington to “ask for permission”

All of Washington’s efforts could very well be in vain since at least one person out of the 100,000 has uploaded the file to Pirate Bay. This could still be end the printable gun revolution, only days after the first such weapon was fired, effectively regulating the future.

If you want to see the letter in full for yourself you can find it and the article to go with it from

They are calling it Benghazi-gate because of the cover up but in truth this “scandal” is in a whole other league from Watergate. Nixon was impeached and he resigned because of the cover up of his ordering of break-ins to steal the psychological records of his competition. The funny thing is that today the government reads our e-mails and records all our calls, among other things, and it’s no big deal. It’s actually not that funny but I’m getting off topic…. The difference, and what makes Benghazi so much worse is that not one single person was killed in those break-ins or the subsequent coverup.

Almost eight months have passed since the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and we are just now beginning to get some semblance of truth from the testimonies of these whistleblowers. Yesterday, Greg Hicks, the deputy chief of mission in Libya who became the top U.S. diplomat in the country after the slaughter of Ambassador Chris Stevens, told the House Government Oversight Committee that not only was the attack on 9/11/12 an act of terrorism, but that officials knew it immediately, that the administration had been warned of a deteriorating security situation, and that on the night of the attack “it appeared some were trying to lure even more U.S. personnel into a separate ‘ambush’ while the attack was still being carried out.”

Hicks also said he had been contacted early by Stevens, and that the ambassador told him, “Greg, we are under attack.” It would be the last time Hicks would hear from Stevens alive.

This is a huge story, historical even, because Hick’s testimony along with the others are completely contradicting the administration’s narrative of the “offensive video” starting a spontaneous protest that turned ugly. What makes the administration look worse is the fact that this nonsense about a YouTube video wasn’t just bad information that they received only to be withdrawn latter, this shows that it was BS from the beginning and they knew it was BS all along. Hicks noted that before Rice went on her round-robin of television appearances on Sept. 16, he had never heard of the video and that the ambassador never mentioned any demonstration before he died.

“I was stunned,” Hicks said of Rice’s comments. “My jaw dropped, and I was embarrassed.” He added that Rice never bothered to talk to him before she made those appearances. Neither did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before Rice went on. And Obama couldn’t be bothered; after all, he was in the middle of an election.

Also reveled at the hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Benghazi was an e-mail from Beth Jones, the acting assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs. The September 12 email—disclosed for the first time on Wednesday—said Jones had spoken to Libya’s ambassador to Washington who said the attack was the work of former Gadhafi regime loyalists. Jones said she told the ambassador: “The group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al-Sharia, is affiliated with Islamic terrorists.”

So we know for sure now that they lied about the video and knew the whole time that it was a premeditated attack. That’s great but what about the fact that this attack lasted for eight hours and we sent our people no help?

There were F-16 fighter jets just across the Mediterranean 1,000 miles away at Aviano Air Base in Italy. There were armed predator drones at 20,000 feet in the area. There was a CIA base right up the street. There was a four man team of Army special forces getting ready to leave on a Libyan C-130 cargo plane from Tripoli to Benghazi when they were told to stand down. There were two aircraft carriers relatively close by. The question is no longer if there was a stand down ordered, but why it was ordered and who ordered it.

Was it simply a “failure of leadership” as Dick Cheney said or was this a deliberate order from the very top to do nothing, effectively signing those four death warrants? As of right now we have no clear answer to any of those questions. There are a few things that I find interesting enough to put together a possible theory.

For starters we have the State Department trying desperately to cover up the truth about what happened that night. Greg Hicks testified yesterday that he was discouraged from talking to anyone from Congress by the State Department’s lawyers just before Trey Goudy (R-SC) came to Libya to investigate what had happened. We have also heard from Hillary Clinton during her testimony saying, shouting rather, “Why does it matter,” when she was pressed about her role in the stand down.

There is also the fact that we had a nice little weapons cache there in Benghazi that included SA-7 heat seeking missiles and rocket propelled grenades. It just so happens that Al Qaeda has released videos of themselves with a bunch of SA-7 missiles bragging about getting them from America.

It is widely known that the US is supplying weapons to what the media is calling the rebel forces in Syria. They call them the rebels because calling them what they really are wouldn’t sound so good. These rebels have pledged their allegiance to and are being led by none other than Al Qaeda.

The CIA mission in Benghazi was to find and acquire heavy arms seized in the overthrow of Gaddafi. It has been reported by CSN that Benghazi was a base for running guns to the Syrian rebels. For more on the connection between Stevens, Libya, the Free Syria Army, and Al Qaeda check out this article

So to sum all this up…

We supported the Al Qaeda forces in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi and install a puppet Al Qaeda supported government. We are now supplying the FSA, who is chock full of Al Qaeda, with heavy weapons, using Benghazi as a base of operations. Ambassador Stevens was most likely aware of the gun running and was probably involved in the process. He was attacked and killed in what appears to be an inside job involving his hired security team and Al Qaeda linked terrorists. Any and all chance of rescue or back up for the Ambassador was ordered to stand down. The State Department created a narrative of the events that was anything but accurate and stuck with that story as long as they could before bending on it falling back on the “faulty information” excuse. They continue to cover up the truth by avoiding questions and telling people not to talk to Congress.

I don’t know what our government is hiding in this whole ordeal but they definitely are trying to hide something huge. Is it the gun running? Did they set up the attack? Did they want Chris Stevens dead? Or is there something even more sinister at work?

Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully we’ll find out soon..

I’m a couple days late with this but I want to do a break down of 0bama’s commencement speech in front of over 57,000 people at Ohio State on Sunday. I’m going to skip around some parts but here is the full transcript.

He starts out with the usual Ohio State v. Michigan jokes but doesn’t take long to jump into his rhetoric.

There is a word for this. It’s citizenship. And we don’t always talk about this idea much these days — citizenship — let alone celebrate it. Sometimes, we see it as a virtue from another time, a distant past, one that’s slipping from a society that celebrates individual ambition above all else; a society awash in instant technology that empowers us to leverage our skills and talents like never before, but just as easily allows us to retreat from the world. And the result is that we sometimes forget the larger bonds we share as one American family.

Notice he makes a point when talking about the importance of citizenship to throw in a little socialist jargon. He emphasizes that it isn’t good to celebrate individual ambition; we should instead put our personal ambitions aside in favor of what’s best for society.

He follows this up with mentioning all the natural disasters and mass shootings that have happened in the last year and how these things make us a stronger and closer “family”.

We’ve seen the petty divisions of color and class and creed replaced by a united urge to help each other. We’ve seen courage and compassion, a sense of civic duty, and a recognition we are not a collection of strangers; we are bound to one another by a set of ideals and laws and commitments, and a deep devotion to this country that we love.

Yea, most of these “divisions” Barry is talking about are instigated by the “great uniter” himself. Even though he urges these divisions for his own political gain he states that we overcome them because of our civic duties and recognition that we are bound by his laws.

He goes on to say, “as Americans, we are blessed with God-given talents and inalienable rights, but with those rights come responsibilities — to ourselves, and to one another, and to future generations.”

The gaul of this man to contradict his own policies of abortion and gun control, both inalienable rights, with this statement is just plain ironic.

Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems; some of these same voices also doing their best to gum up the works. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave and creative and unique experiment in self-rule is somehow just a sham with which we can’t be trusted.

Barack Obama is a former Constitutional law professor and the current President of the United States and he is telling these college graduates that tyranny isn’t ever going to happen. He is basically saying that tyranny is the equivalent of the boogieman and anyone who warns that it actually could come to America is crazy and should automatically be ignored. Now if that isn’t an example of irony then I must be completely confused about the meaning of the word. The President talks about the founders and their intentions and he has completely ignored the fact that the thing they warned us against more than anything else was tyranny. This reminds me of the quote, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” If you were a tyrannical a-hole wouldn’t you want your “citizens” to be unaware of tyranny? Wouldn’t you want anyone who talked about tyranny to be ignored?

Maybe I’m reading too much into this speech but wether or not you believe we are living under tyranny in America today (thats a subject for a different day) the fact is that tyranny has and always will be learning around the corner in America. Don’t ever take for granted the limited freedom we have. Don’t ever take for granted that our constitution is an impregnable wall that will protect us from tyranny because they have already started removing bricks from that wall.