A New Beginning

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have been recruited by the Facebook famous Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children group to write for their brand new web site. I want to thank first of all my beautiful wife for sending them a link to my blog, behind my back, when they put out a call for new talent. She believed in me when I didn’t and because of her I’ll be writing for a web site that had a half million fans on Facebook before they launched the site. It could possibly lead to me being paid to do what I really enjoy doing.

I also want to thank all 23 of my subscribers that I currently have and especially the ones who have followed me since I started this blog and even before then when I was just ranting and raving on Facebook. If it weren’t for you guys I probably would have quit before I even got started.

For now I won’t be writing any more articles on this page but I will, at least for the time being, continue my Quote of the Day. Although I pitched the idea for moving that to the new site also, so we will see what comes of that.

This is not the end of True Storey this is only the second chapter in what I hope will be a really long book.

You can find my author’s page HERE

And the website’s home page at misguidedchildren.com

I hope to see you there

PS – If you know my true identity you are welcome to post comments but please do not mention any relation or my real name. We have been having problems with trolls looking up and attacking the Facebook pages of the contributors and trying to get them kicked off Facebook. The creator of Misguided Children has to create a new fake profile every week or two because of this and I don’t want to have to do that.


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