Obama Booed at Missouri Football Game

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
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Obama Booed at Missouri Football Game (via http://misguidedchildren.com)

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Obama crying 😥

At the Missouri-Tennessee football game this Saturday, new members of the Missouri National Guard were being sworn in during the game’s halftime ceremony.

While the fresh faced new guardsmen were repeating their oath an out of place booing could be heard from the crowded Memorial Stadium.

When they got to the line of the oath, “I will obey the order of the president of the United States,” part of the crowd of 70,000 people started booing.

Just like when the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair dressed as Obama during a skit and his crowd booed the mention of the Commander in Chief, the local politicians are coming down hard on the Mizzou fans.

For the full story follow the link at the top!


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