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On August 31, 1939, German SS operatives perpetrated a false flag attack to create an excuse for invading Poland. 

Most of what we know of the attack, known as the Gleiwitz Incident, was revealed in an affidavit by SS-Sturmbannführer Alfred Naujocks during the Nurumberg Trials. Naujocks admitted that he organized the event under orders from Heinrich Müller, chief of the Gestapo. 

The German radio station, Slender Gleiwitz in Gleiwitz, Germany (part of Poland since 1945) was attacked late at night by men wearing complete polish uniforms, led by Alfred Naujocks. After the invaders took the station, an anti-German message was broadcast in Polish. The content of the broadcast is uncertain and disputed today. 

Afterwards, a body was provided as evidence to local police and press that the attack was the work of anti-German, Polish saboteurs. The body belonged to Franciszek Honiok, a 43-year-old unmarried German Silesian Catholic farmer. Honiok was a known Polish sympathizer. He was not, however, a part of the assault on the station. In reality, he had been arrested by the Gestoapo the previous day. He was dressed in the uniform and murdered via lethal injection by his captors. He was then taken to the scene and shot multiple times and left dead. 

Honiok was not alone, several other prisoners at the Dachau concentration camp were kept for this purpose. These patsies were referred to by the code name Konserve, or “canned goods” in English. 

During the Nuremberg Trials Erwin von Lahousen stated that his division of the Abwehr (one of Germany’s intelligence gathering agencies) was ordered to procure the Polish uniforms, equipment and identification cards used in the operation. 

The Gleiwitz incident was a small part of a larger operation carried out by Abwehr and SS forces, dubbed Operation Himmler. It involved several other orchestrated attacks along the German-Polish border at the same time, designed to give the appearance of Polish aggression. 

Setting up the context for this false flag, Hitler had been claiming for months that Poland was organizing and tolorating the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland. Furthermore, on August 22nd Hitler reportedly told his generals, “I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. (Latin meaning “incident that leads to war”) Its credibility doesn’t matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.”

The day following the Gleiwitz incident, Septmeber 1st, 1939, Germany launched operation Fall Weiss, the invasion of Poland. Though the incident gave Hitler his casus belli, it did not convince the international public. American correspondents came on the scene the next day but no neutral parties were allowed to investigate the incident in detail, leading to scepticism of Germany’s version of events. At any rate, Germany still invaded Poland and thrust Europe into the Second World War. If not for the Allied victory and the Nuremburg Trials we may have never learned the True Storey of what happened that night 76 years ago. 

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 Today is the ten year anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana as a category 3 hurricane. By this time, most of the damage had already been done by the storm surge. 

Most people think of New Orleans first when Katrina is mentioned. While the Big Easy did suffer from the largest loss of life, it was the less talked about Mississippi Gulf Coast region that had the most property damage.

This is likely due to the fact that the less densely populated Mississippi coast was home to countless casino barges that were pushed inland into homes and businesses. 90 percent of Mississippi’s beachfront towns were flooded with water reaching up to 12 miles inland. 

This single storm changed the way that a major city and a state’s entire coastline looked. Ten years after the fact and there are still parts of New Orleans that have not been rebuilt. It was thanks to the less than perfect recovery effort that brought us Kanye West’s famous quote, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” So on this great Saturday morning take a minute to remember the devastation… and Kanye’s penchant for ridiculous comments. 

It has been well over two years since I last posted any True Storey Blog original material, and about a year since I wrote anything on a regular basis. I’ll go into more detail about what I was doing during that time later. What first brought me to the blogging world was the 2012 election and Mitt Romney’s failure to oust Barack Obama three years ago. After the election I felt like I should have done more to spread the gospel, so to speak. I vowed (to myself) that I would not make the same mistake again, and though I spent some time away, I’M BACK!

The political world is heating up and I can’t stand to sit on the sidelines any longer.

After eight years of Obama’s closet Marxism, we now have an admited socialist running for president on the left, and he is actually giving Hilary a run for her money. Of course she is doing more to destroy her campaign than anyone else could ever do. 

Things are a lot different on the right side of things with more candidates than I care to count. Everyone is talking about Trump, which may or may not be a good thing. In the coming weeks and months I will be going into more detail and looking for some truth under all of the hype. 

Now, what the hell have I been doing for the last two years? 

Well, many of you who have followed my writing and my Facebook page, Tyler “True” Storey, will already know that I started writing for Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and stopped posting original material here. I stayed with that website for about a year. I met a lot of people and made many new friends, one or two I still have today. 

Unfortunately, my departure from Uncle Sam’s didn’t go as I had planned. My hope was that I would leave on a good note and keep the door open should I ever want to go back. That door, I fear, has been locked to me. Anyone who knows Uncle Sam’s knows the controversy they’ve delt with in the past, though I admit that I have not kept up with them since leaving.

When I first joined the Misguided writing team I got in on the ground floor of the website. As to be expected when dealing with people over the internet that you’ve never met, and some you’ve never even seen a picture of, everyone tends to get a little paranoid. The writing team seemed to be in constant turmoil with mass exoduses on a regular basis. One person would get upset with something or other and quit and some conspiracy would form and half the team would drop off the face of the earth. 

For over a year I stuck it out and rallied the remaining team and helped recruit new writers. During this time I took a leadership role in the group and was even given the title of Cheif Editor. I eventually started getting burnt out between my regular job and this unpaid position. So, other writers were brought in to help with the editing until I slowly just quit doing it altogether, only editing and posting my own work. 

Why did I leave?

The organization’s head tech guy got upset about something and quit. The thing is, he didn’t just quit, he came up with all these claims that the group’s founder was ripping people off on tshirts he wasn’t shipping and some other things. I’m not sure what of that was true or false. At the same time lot of the team quit and the website, that he had control of, crashed. It was said that he did it on purpose on his way out, but I don’t know the truth of it.

After the issue with the website, all of the material that had been produced over the previous year was stripped of any credit to their authors. I quit shortly after just because I was burnt out and fed up.

Most of the people that quit over the accusations of fraud joined together and formed a website and a Facebook page of their own. My separation from USMC was unrelated, but I was contacted by this new website, because none of the writing team had left with them. I agreed to help them out even though I had lost most of my zeal for writing.

When the Misguided Children admin saw that I was writing for their enemy I was quickly blocked by most of them. I had left on good terms but my association with the other website made it look like I was turning my back on them. I regret that decision but it is what it is. 

I didn’t stay on with this new platform very long and only produced a couple of articles. They never recruited any more writers and the last time I checked their website has no news. It only sells merchandise. 

Since then it has been almost a year and I haven’t written anything else on politics. However, I did write a couple of short stories that I really enjoyed. Spent some time toying with an idea for a novel that I hope to write one day. 

The most discouraging part of this whole thing is that nothing I wrote for Uncle Sam’s, or the other website, is still published, with or without credit. I know Uncle Sam’s had to change their URL, possibly because of the crash/hack, and maybe they lost their archive. If anyone from USMC runs across this, I hope you understand that I did not ever have any hard feelings or ill will towards anyone there. Now that this is out of the way, it is time to move on to the next chapter.