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Because of laws passed in New York, the AR-15 rifle was classified as an “assault” rifle and swiftly banned. However, this classification had nothing to do with the weapon itself. Thanks to the ignorance of lawmakers in New York who passed the SAFE Act, all of the banned features were purely aesthetic. To get around the stupidity, manufacturers have started producing remodeled AR-15’s that don’t have the fixed stock, pistol grip, or flash suppressor that made the gun illegal in the state.

Would hot pink make them feel safe?

The newly designed AR-15 looks more like a paintball gun without the usual features, but still provides gun owners in New York the same power and capabilities as any AR-15. The fact that these purely aesthetic features are what determines a gun’s legality is absolutely absurd. It all boils down to an irrational fear of a gun because it looks “mean.” The next anti-gun law New York legislatures invent should require all rifles to be painted hot pink so that they can feel “safe.”




Google’s famous doodles, that are often featured on the search engine’s homepage for national, and international holidays, have honored everything from Caesar Chavez to the Panamanian Independence Day. The birthday of the United States Marine Corps is one holiday that Google chooses to ignore.


Obama Booed at Missouri Football Game (via

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Obama crying 😥

At the Missouri-Tennessee football game this Saturday, new members of the Missouri National Guard were being sworn in during the game’s halftime ceremony.

While the fresh faced new guardsmen were repeating their oath an out of place booing could be heard from the crowded Memorial Stadium.

When they got to the line of the oath, “I will obey the order of the president of the United States,” part of the crowd of 70,000 people started booing.

Just like when the rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair dressed as Obama during a skit and his crowd booed the mention of the Commander in Chief, the local politicians are coming down hard on the Mizzou fans.

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French police fired tear gas at tens of thousands of protesters, on Saturday, after some protesters reportedly threw stones and iron bars at them during an anti-tax protest.

I reported last month that a French poll showed 70% of French citizens were unhappy with their high taxes. This weekend that frustration boiled over during the large protest in Quimper, Brittany in north-west France.

Protest organizers claim there were 30,000 people protesting, while government officials estimate the number to be closer to 15,000.

The specific tax being protested was a “green tax” on French and foreign-made vehicles transporting commercial goods, weighing over 3.5 tons. Though the tax has not yet gone into effect it is having a negative impact on the hauling industry and related business.

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Protesters Hit with Tear Gas During Anti-Tax Protest in France (via

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