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Because of laws passed in New York, the AR-15 rifle was classified as an “assault” rifle and swiftly banned. However, this classification had nothing to do with the weapon itself. Thanks to the ignorance of lawmakers in New York who passed the SAFE Act, all of the banned features were purely aesthetic. To get around the stupidity, manufacturers have started producing remodeled AR-15’s that don’t have the fixed stock, pistol grip, or flash suppressor that made the gun illegal in the state.

Would hot pink make them feel safe?

The newly designed AR-15 looks more like a paintball gun without the usual features, but still provides gun owners in New York the same power and capabilities as any AR-15. The fact that these purely aesthetic features are what determines a gun’s legality is absolutely absurd. It all boils down to an irrational fear of a gun because it looks “mean.” The next anti-gun law New York legislatures invent should require all rifles to be painted hot pink so that they can feel “safe.”