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 Today is the ten year anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana as a category 3 hurricane. By this time, most of the damage had already been done by the storm surge. 

Most people think of New Orleans first when Katrina is mentioned. While the Big Easy did suffer from the largest loss of life, it was the less talked about Mississippi Gulf Coast region that had the most property damage.

This is likely due to the fact that the less densely populated Mississippi coast was home to countless casino barges that were pushed inland into homes and businesses. 90 percent of Mississippi’s beachfront towns were flooded with water reaching up to 12 miles inland. 

This single storm changed the way that a major city and a state’s entire coastline looked. Ten years after the fact and there are still parts of New Orleans that have not been rebuilt. It was thanks to the less than perfect recovery effort that brought us Kanye West’s famous quote, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” So on this great Saturday morning take a minute to remember the devastation… and Kanye’s penchant for ridiculous comments.